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    URL Actions and Quick Filters are not working

    Divya Teja

      Hello Everyone,


      Hope you are doing great.


      I have an issue which i am facing now and of high priority with URL actions and filters.


      Let me explain clearly:


      I have dashboard containing about 5 to 6 views with two datasources. 4 views are coming from datasource 1 and 1 view is coming from datasource 2.

      We have around 6 global filters which are applied to all the related data sources.


      Now the issue is when I am adding navigation filter passing all my filters from dashboard 1 to dashboard 2  all the views are popping up but when I am trying to change filters internally after passing navigation's the view which is coming from secondary data source is not coming up. These dashboards have live connection to tableau server and the issue we see is on Tableau Server. Currently we are on Tableau version 10.5.


      I cannot post the workbook or screen shot as the data is highly confidential.


      Could someone help me how we could we resolve this.


      Thanks in advance for the help.


      Best Regards,