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    How to create an interactive pivot table visualization?


      I am now working on a dashboard which contains a couple of pivot tables, as well as some charts needed to have interactive features.

      For the pivot table. I wished to make one pivot table with interactivity.

      I wish to make a pivot table of sales grouping my sales into regions, types, and modules.

      For example to my mock table below. I want to see revenue, sales quantity, and revenue/item in the perspective of region, item type, and product line.

      I wish that the column names (region, item type, and product line), and value (revenue, sales quantity, and revenue/item) can be toggled via a drop-down list or buttons. For which the end user can press some buttons or slide some bars to change the column name or calculation in the cell.

      Region 1xxxxx
      Region 2xxxxx
      Region 3xxxxxxxxx
      Region 4xxxx
      Region 5xxxx
      Region 6xxxx

        ↓(End user can press button to change the above table to below)

      Product typeQ1Q2Q3
      Type 1xxxxxxxxxx
      Type 2xxxxxxx
      Type 3xxxxxxx
      Type 4xxxx
      Type 5xxxxxxx
      Type 6xxxxxxx


      Also, I wish to make some line chart or bar chart with similar feature, as I can change the Axis as well as the value