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    Line Chart x axis label to show or hide

    Randy Colanta

      Can anyone me (if possible) to have the user turn on or off (hide or show) the x-axis label (percent value) possibly through a parameter or calculated field? Is this possible?

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          Ken Flerlage

          Here's an example using Superstore. Here's a simple line chart with labels:

          Now I'll create a parameter called Show Labels with a boolean (true/false) type.


          Now create a calculated field:



          // If the user has selected to show labels, show it. Otherwise, show NULL.

          IF [Show Labels]=TRUE THEN




          Now drag Label over top of the SUM(Sales) pill that currently exists on the label card. It'll look pretty much the same:

          But if the user selects "False" in the Show Labels parameter, the labels will disappear.

          See attached workbook.