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    Combine different fields

    Derrick Mankaruse



      I am trying to pull two different data sets (each set built on different rules) and I would like to combine those together in one graph...



      for example, I am looking at # of users add this month (along with some other filters i added to get this sample of user) .. lets say that 100 users..

      I would like to add those 100 users to (the 50 users from last month) but those 50 from last month, they have different filters than the 100 users..


      finally, I want to take these two groups, and combine them in a final graph...



      lets say the target goal is 200....


      i have 100 and 50, i would like to show them both separate and how they line up with that target total...


                100              50                    200

      |----------------| |--------|                    |




      I have them in different sheets, having trouble bringing them all together, is there a way to make this a calculated field or something???