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    Help! Need to show difference between 2 rows

    Sarah Manihera

      Hi Everyone,


      I have the following table:



      It currently only has 2 Types: Actual and Capacity.

      I want to create a 3rd Type called Balance, which will show the difference, so the formula will be: Capacity minus Actual equals Balance.


      I'm sure this is super easy to do but I'm new to Tableau so it's been tricky to Google what I need as I'm unfamiliar with a lot of the Tableau terminology.  The closest answer I got was to create 2 calculated fields, one for Actual and one for Capacity, and then to create a 3rd calculated field called Balance and setting the calc as [Capacity]-[Actual], but when I dragged the Balance calc field into the text Value nothing changed, presumably because there is still no Type called Balance.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!