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    Tableau TC18 questions




      I am so excited to attend TC18 in a few days!


      Just before I build my schedule- Wanted to clear some questions I had:


      1. How many appointments can I build with Tableau Doctors? Is it limited to only 1 session for 45 mins? or can I do one session every day depending on the availability?


      2. Are all Sessions recorded? In the App it said - it would be available only for the next 7 days to download - where can we download it from?


      3. The Customer Use Case Sessions about  (Learn from other companies how they are deploying tableau at scale and how they are solving their problems using Tableaau) - where can I find these? Are they named something else? (Mini theatre sessions?) - I couldn't find it online. Where can brief description about which companies are talking about what topics? where can this information be found & how do we book them on our schedule??


      This would be of great help. Thank you!

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          Karla Wagner

          A lot of the Breakout Sessions are presented by Customers from various companies. There also industry specific Meet-ups. Each speaker's company name is listed after their name on the details of each session. You can filter the Sessions by Industry. The Speakers page also has a list of Customer Speakers by company name.


          Tableau Doctor appointments are limited to one 45 minute appointment per day. But there are also minute clinics and walk-in clinics with no limits to the number of appointments.


          I hope this helps. Enjoy the conference!

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            Thanks, also why dont I see all the Sessions listed here on the App Builder?


            Coudn't find the ones below:

            How Decisive Data uses best practices to create insightful and easy-to-read executive dashboards. (Create dashboards that will give your executives the snapshot they need to manage their business)

            How Johnson & Johnson's introduced visual analytics to their finance organization to reduce time spent manually preparing presentation decks (Excel to Tableau)

            Analytics Team Lead at digital agency DEG, will demonstrate how to make the most of Tableau's device layout feature, maximizing every pixel on your mobile dashboards.

            How Chick-fil-A that were inspired by the Tableau community&  ways you can find tips, tricks, and ideas from others and apply what you’ve learned in real life.

            Learn from USAA ways to move from a fact-filled dashboard to a guided experience showing a clear path to insights and actions.

            Turning a dashboard into a story with story points- The Wellcome Sanger Institute

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              NAYANA MADHEKAR

              Never mind, found them. Thank you.