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    Total Sum not appearing on Maps as valid Size Mark

    Manan Younas

      I have blended two data sources :


      1. SA2_2016_AUST :  linking field  -> SA2 Main16

      2. June Tabular-DATA : linking field  ->SA2 Code


      I want to color code the SA2Main16 areas on the map ( Which is done by importing the shape file and then dragging Geometry Dimension )


      Now , I want to See total number of businesses in those SA2Code overlayed on SA2Main16 color coded Map .


      When I change the Sum(Total) to Mark , It does not size the Mark :


      This Total should be shown as a mark : http://bit.ly/2IT9utb


      At the moment nothing comes up as a size mark, despite that I have dragged Sum(Total) in Size Mark. 


      And a Second question :


      Q2.: Is it possible to use Shape file as Map Layers  ? So that I can underlay  this color coded layer in any tableau map ?