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    Subtotals, formulas and bar graphs

    alen arutyunyan

      Hi Everyone.  I am brand new to Tableau and am excited and interested in utilizing it in real estate.  I have a few questions that I am hoping the community can graciously assist me with.  I will attach my Tableau sample file so that maybe someone can assist me on the sheet directly. I am interested in doing three specific things...


      1)  Creating a excel like view that shows subtotals for each month and each year.  In the first example below, year is expanded to show subtotals by month.  In the second example, year is not expanded and therefore it only shows subtotals by year for each location



      2)  The second thing I am trying to accomplish is to display key dates as of today (the excel file has "Key Date" that pertains to Jan 2018 data but given that we are in October, I want it to show only the most relevant key dates as of today.  Please see below as an example.  Maybe some kind of formula like =if([Key Date] > today(), date([Key Date],'MM-DD-YYYY'))?


      3)  I want to build both a vertical and a horizontal stacked graph for my headcount and exterior offices by location and I want it to display sqft as well.  An example is shown below for the horizontal stacked graph.