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    Updating email address domain en masse on Tableau Server

    Gene Denny

      Not sure this is possible, even via TABCMD, but thought I'd check with those smarter than me.


      Large Tableau Server environment with just under 10,000 users, all of which are populated via our Active Directory,  A few years ago, our email domain was updated from an old nomenclature (dmps.k12.ia.us) to a new nomenclature (dmschools.org).  While this information was updated in Active Directory, it would appear that users who were already sync'd with Tableau Server did not receive the updated email domain.  Their addresses still show "@dmps.k12.ia.us."  Users added since this change show "@dmschools.org."  The result is that almost 4,000 of the users have an incorrect email address.  This is now affecting both subscriptions and alerts as we begin more fully incorporating these functionalities.


      I was easily able to identify these users by way of the workgroup Postgres tables.  Now, I'd like to automate a procedure to do a Replace function in order to update the email domain.  Anyone have an idea?  Am I missing a sync functionality already available?


      Thanks ahead of time for any advice!