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      Hi guys


      I am not quite clear about which one should I choose. Can anyone give me some example to show me~~I appreciate!

      The difference for Float, Integer, string, and boolean.

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          Jim Dehner

          good morning

          you are creating a parameter for the user to input a value into tableau

          the first thing you need to do is decide what the value is that the user inputs and what type of data is it - a date?, integer, floating point number?


          see the link Create Parameters

          for more detail


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            Sankarmagesh Rajan

            Hi Lu,


            Create parameter and select date type based on your requirement.

            Integer: Any whole number (i.e. no decimals)

            String: Text

            Boolean: True or false

            Date: Date without a timestamp

            Date & Time: Date with a timestamp


            if you want create dimension based parameter then use strings. ex category, subcategory or sales, profit




            int can use for integer purpose. like here you can enter list as 2014,2015,2016  or top and bottom parameters etc


            Date date type for date related requirements like start date or end dates



            By default, the data type for a new parameter is float, which means any number including decimals

            Tableau Create a New Parameter Dialog Box


            Refer more details





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