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    No Alerts/Subscriptions in Server 10.1

    Michael Hesser

      I've "inherited" a copy of Tableau Server 10.1-ish and am slowly learning the ins and outs. Alerts are of particular interest to me, but I can't seem to make them work.




      As you can see, there are icons that suggest that alerts might be possible (next to the user name, but also under Tasks/Subscriptions).

      Unfortunately, I don't see any on-screen icon that would allow me to create an alert (including those vizzes that I own with continuous axes).


      Again, I believe I am working with Tableau Server 10.1.

      • Based on some past articles, is there a server "reboot" I need to do to do to turn on mail/alert capabilities?
      • Is it possible that this version of Server does not have Alert capabilities? This would seem odd, as there are icons for subscriptions.
      • I have e-mail alerts for failed extract builds turned ON, but I've yet to have an extract failure to test the mailing system.


      Any help/redirection is greatly appreciated!


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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Michael,


          In the screenshot you have the Alert icon circled in red.  Just two icons to the right (the " i " inside the circle) if you select that one in the popup menu the last option will be "About Tableau Server" which would reveal the version.


          Typically Alerts are thrown for the case of failed extracts like you mention.   There's also a "Data Driven Alert" feature that you can set on a viz but that was introduced with version 10.3.


          But there are also "Email Health Alerts" that can be enabled.  If you bring up the "Tableau Server Configuration" window and then look at the "Alerts and Subscriptions" tab to see if the appropriate checkboxes have been selected.   Also, it might be worth a quick glance at the "SMTP Setup" tab to see if Tableau Server is pointing to a valid SMTP Server.

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            Michael Hesser

            Thanks for your prompt answers, Mark-- Sure enough, I'm using 10.1.5 (so those data-driven alerts I've been wanting are out of reach without an upgrade).

            All the best! --Michael