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    Creating a Dynamic DateDIFF by Current Status

    Lidia G

      Hi Everyone!


      I am currently using Tableau 10 formulas to try to calculate the number of days a record has been at a given status. We pull a report on this information weekly so the table I am creating looks like this (organized from left to right by Record Number, Report Date, Current Status, and my attempt at the days at status count):


      Tableau Table.PNG

      Currently the formula is just calculating the date difference from the report date above it. With the following formula:


      Tableau Formula.PNG


      I would instead like it to calculate the number of work days a record has been at it's current status based on that report date. I am thinking something like the following but my Tableau experience is limited so I apologize:


      If First () = 0 Then


      If Current Status (Of the record in the current row) = Current Status (Matching the status from the report just above that row) Then

           DateDIFF( day, Lookup(min(report date)), First row that matches the current row's status), lookup(min(report date)), 0)





      Hopefully that makes sense. Any help is much appreciated!


      Edit: Attached is an example of the current problem