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    Cohort Reporting - Help with Filtering in LOD Expressions

    Carl Nightingale

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I am working on building out a cohort & retention curve model for my company. I have the standard retention curve built using a LOD expression that is fixed on the Purchase month.


      This produces this view.



      But now I want to be able to drop the filter on this to cut it by segment and have the starting purchase amount adjust to calculate this by segment. The field for this is PW segment, but I need to figure out how to pass this through the LOD expression. Is this something you do with a parameter? Any guidance would be great.


      Also if anyone has experience working on cohort/retention analysis in Tableau, I would love to connect further.



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          Deepak Rai

          Not sure about the ask, but if you want to use parameter in the LOD


          {FIXED dim1, dim2; sum(If Region=Your Parameter then Sales End)}


          and for FIXED LOD, all your filters on Filter Shelf will go to CONTEXT.



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            Jim Dehner

            Good morning Carl

            you image is not expanding so it is impossible to read -

            base on the expression you provided the numerator [cohort account retained] is some sort of aggregate which makes it a little difficult to give you a specific answer


            one way to have the expression variable on PW would be to build it into your numerator and into the denominator in the LOD expression


            e.g. [fixed [purchase],[pw]: sum([account purchased]}  and something similar in the numerator

            then apply a filter on PW




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