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    Table functions once and for all for people familiar with sql

    morton hsiao

      I can't handle the across the pane, down the pane in the element etc.  It's too tricky.  Here's a table calc window:


      In case the image didn't load, because it's not on my screen, here's a link:



      Anyway.  I understand window functions.  Like a running total over a month that resets every year.  If I had a month and a year field it would be:

      sum(x) over (partition by year order by month)

      and if I had a bunch of items by transaction, it would be


      select year, month, value, sum(value) over (partition by year order by month)  from (select year, month, sum(value) from table group by year,month) or some such.


      Did someone ever describe all the different clicky boxes and drop down fields in the language of nested sql and window function because nested sql and window functions are easy.  Everyone and their mother knows that fresh out the womb.  Just like the cube function   Click boxes, drop down lists with or without the calculation assistance really requires a Pomona cs degree to figure out.