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    Remove a value in dropdown filter

    Chad Clauson

      I have a Month Year dashboard filter with it enabled to set to the latest value. The dashboard filter contains the months and years of completion dates for my data.

      If something in my data is pending it is assigned a completion date as 12/31/9999. If it is not pending, it will have an actual date.


      (e.g. If I have completion date in my table for October 5, 2018, the dropdown filter will have an October 2018 value as intended. If I have a completion date in my table for 12/31/9999, that will also show up in my dropdown filter as December 9999, which I don't want). Since my dashboard filter is set to the latest value in the month, it shows the data for December 9999. I only want to show actual dates in my dropdown.


      I've tried creating a set and excluding the 12/31/9999 date, but I can't use that set as a Month Year filter. It only shows the full dates.


      TLDR: I want my dropdown list to show Month Year of [Completion Date] and not include December 9999 in that list. That way it defaults to the latest value that actually has a date that means something.