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    Count the records in tableau

    Praveen Kumar

      Hi All,


      I am trying to aggregate the count of records w.r.t fields. Please help me on this in tableau calculations.


      Here is my sample dataset and logic should be :


      1) when supervisor and Agent = isAck=1 Then my count should be 1 w.r.t ScoreCardCreatedDate

      2) When Supervisor=1 and Agent=0 Then my count is 0

      3) When Supervisor=0 and Agent=1 Then my count is 0


      Please help me to derive this:

      Calculated field : COUNT(IF ([Isack]=1 and [TaskName]='Supervisor') and ([Isack]=1 and [TaskName]='Agent') THEN 1



      Output : 4


      Please find the attached workbook for your reference.