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    Urgent: 3 questions on calculated field : twbx attached

    Love Walking

      Dear Tableau export:


      I have a sample workbook attached. here are my three questions :


      I would like to have the calculated field "Last Created_StatusONLY"

      //I only need to display the last created Status

      //so this field to only apply when Recordtyeid = S

      //currently it applies to both S and I

      //please HELP!



      This calculated field returns True and False. Can I change the label so on filter it displayed as:

      Ture to "New"

      False to "Old"



      On my dashboard, I need to keep all the records . I have a lot NULL which means it is not relevant information.  can we replace NULL on the screen with '' (empty space).


      if you can kindly attach back the updated workbook, I will greatly appreciated it. thanks in advance.


      Love walking