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    Highlighting in dashboard does not work, but filtering does work

    Alena Klatte

      Hi everyone,


      I'm struggling with something that seems to be a really easy. Very grateful for your help - workbook is attached.


      What I would like to get at:

      - When clicking on the scenario (e.g. scenario 1), the "Sozialer Mehrwert bis 2017" figure (in grey) has to change, while the orange figure does not change - this works already

      - Also, when clicking on the scenario, the corresponding bubble on the right should be HIGHLIGHTED (e.g. clicking on scenario 1, first bubble with €4,25 should be highlighted). It's important to still see the other bubbles - this does not work, also using actions->highlight this does not work (filtering does, but then only one bubble shows).


      Thank you so much for your help!