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    Dashboard filters to use Date Filter with Date corresponding to CST and not UTC on Tableau Online

    A W

      I have a Report published on Tableau online which has hour based date time filter but since Tableau Online is in time zone UTC, when a date time filter is selected, the report reflects as per UTC timezone wherein I want it to reflect as per CST. Current Workaround: Subtracting 5 hours from the filter selected to get accurate time on filter. But I will have to change the logic wrt to Day Light Saving changes.


      Current Partial Logic:


      CASE [Time Range]

      WHEN 'Current Date' THEN

      IF  datetime([order_date]) <= DATEADD('hour',-5,NOW())

      and DATEDIFF('day',[order_date],DATEADD('hour',-5,NOW()))=0

      THEN ZN([Written Sales]) END



      Thanks in advance,