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    Calendar - Multiple Rows as Marks for a date

    Ankit Chachra



      I have planned to create a Vacation Tracker for my team - and I plan to show it in a calendar format.


      For a particular day in the month, I want the names of all the people who are on leave on that day, to be populated in the label marks for that day.


      Below is what I have achieved so far:



      The problem is that - I want to show both - the day of month AND the names of people who are on leave that day.


      I am only able to show either of those two things at a time.


      When I drag both fields to the marks, it concatenaes the day + name of the person for every row. Eg:

      1 Ankit

      1 Amar

      1 Abhilasha


      But I want this to be:







      Attaching a packaged workbook with three different sheets showcasing the problem I am facing.


      Would love if anyone can offer any tips on how to handle this. Also keen to know if someone has a totally out of the box idea to represent such a vacation tracker in a better way


      Thanks in advance.



      Ankit Chachra

      Publicis Groupe