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    Formatting a Story or Workbook

    Rashida Kimbrue



      I am trying to format a story similar to this https://public.tableau.com/views/Dashboards_v2/Introduction?:embed=true&:display_count=no  but I'm having trouble with the sizing of pictures and how the frame changes against the corresponding platform (desktop, laptop, etc.). Currently, all of the dashboards within the story are set to automatically adjust to the screen they're being viewed on.

      1. Is this compilation of data a story or workbook?

      2. Though I've set my workbook to automatic, the workbooks pictures and words are always distorted when viewed by others.


      Any advice or helpful articles would be greatly appreciated. 




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          Hello Rashida,


          Since your workbook is not attached, no detailed advice is possible.


          As for the Tableau Public viz sample, Yes, it's well arranged and designed.

          I'd like to explain how well it is.


          "Item hierarchy" under "Layout" tab is very useful, which provides an overview of all the visual elements.


          Floating.1 with the opacity 25% creates a beautiful white veil.

          Floating.2 is the text with blue veil.


          Tile.1 is the contain with blue background.

          Tile.2 is the image with the setting "Fit Image" and blue background.

          Tile.3 is the empty text object with blue background, which I suppose is a space holder.





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