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    Tableau Prep aggregation: unexpected output

    Kazuki Yasui

      When I did aggregation on Tableau Prep, I got unexpected output. The data I contains date and Id field and I aggregated by date field. Then count of ID of each date should be the output.

      When I check the last step of the Prep flow, it looks ok. However, when I export it as csv file, date value is blank and only has 12 rows. It looks the output is aggregated by Month.

      Here is the example of the data.

      Data on Tableau Prep:

      Count Date

      1000 10/28/2017

      3400 11/13/2017



      (Date has 407 unique values)

      Data on CSV:

      Count Date

      5000 (blank)

      7000 (blank)



      (only 12 rows)