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    DataServiceFailure unable to connect to the server

    Sarah Delaney

      I have an offsite user who is a member of the appropriate groups for a data source filter, but is getting DataServiceFailure when he downloads a workbook and opens it on his desktop.  The exact error is:


      DataServiceFailure Unable to connect to the Server "xxx.xxx.xxx" Check that

      the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.

      The data source is located on a different server. To connect to the data source, click

      Yes to edit the connection, and then sign in to the server where the data source is located


      The server is running. The user is a publisher and has the correct rights. No other users have this problem. I was able to download the workbook and open in Desktop using an account with similar rights and group membership, but I am in the same building as the Tableau server


      I thought it might be a problem with his specific group membership, so I created a new account with my remote user's exact group membership, logged in as that account and downloaded the problem workbook. I logged out of my normal Tableau 10.5.8 desktop connection to our Tableau server,  logged in as new account and opened the downloaded workbook. It opened just fine for me.


      Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this issue?


      Is it conceivable that his remote location is somehow limiting network traffic in a way that he can't connect to the data source?

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          Toby Erkson

          I don't know what is happening so my guess is that the proxy they are going through isn't allowing them to reach the server where the data source is.  Maybe they need to have a VPN connection to the company network or if they are already doing that then talk to the networking/proxy/firewall team, I would guess they should be able to figure this out.  It may require the user to use WireShark or similar so that team can see what is happening on the user's end.