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    Unable to filter by specific date fields using a dynamic date filter

    Chinnala J

      Hi Tableau Frenz,

      Need some inputs on how to handle this. Thanks in advance



      1. Need to create a dashboard with a Dynamic filter,  Date updated view and Date deleted view

      2. Dynamic filter should have last 6 month names based on Today() and should be the single filter to control both the views mentioned in #3 and #4 below. Should not be based on existing date field

      3. Date updated view should be based on the date updated field

      4. Date deleted view should be based on the date deleted field


      Able to create a dynamic filter using a calculated field based on Today() and Last() but unable to filter the data in the views. Workbook attached. I am assuming the issue with the way i created month filter. Can custom sql be used for this? Any pointers are greatly appreciated.