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    What if scenarios in Tableau?

    S Z



      Is there a way to do what if scenarios on lowering and raising prices in Tableau. In the superstore for example, 3-ring staple pack is sold in East, South, & West region. What if I wanted to increase the price by 1 dollar in East, lower it by 3 dollars in South, and raise it by 5 in West. is there a way to do that without knowing how many variables you want to change before hand? And the user would likely change more than just 3-ring staple but also, every chair, phone, and/or computer for example. And there wouldn't be any pattern between regions so I wouldn't want to just say raise east prices by a dollar.


      I don't think I can use a parameter because if I add a parameter I could add or subtract one number a user enters. And I cant have multiple parameters because I do not know how many things the user will want to change.


      Please let me know if you have any ideas! I am not allowed to upload my workbook.