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    What if scenarios in Tableau?

    S Z



      Is there a way to do what if scenarios on lowering and raising prices in Tableau. In the superstore for example, 3-ring staple pack is sold in East, South, & West region. What if I wanted to increase the price by 1 dollar in East, lower it by 3 dollars in South, and raise it by 5 in West. is there a way to do that without knowing how many variables you want to change before hand? And the user would likely change more than just 3-ring staple but also, every chair, phone, and/or computer for example. And there wouldn't be any pattern between regions so I wouldn't want to just say raise east prices by a dollar.


      I don't think I can use a parameter because if I add a parameter I could add or subtract one number a user enters. And I cant have multiple parameters because I do not know how many things the user will want to change.


      Please let me know if you have any ideas! I am not allowed to upload my workbook.



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          Esther Aller

          Hi SZ,


          You might make a template data source a user can fill out (for example a Google Sheet form, or an Excel workbook), and then connect that data source into the final workbook. You should need to specify every possible variable they could specify, and then you would have to include those variables in a calculation in the workbook.



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            Peter Fakan

            Hi SZ,


            I'd definetly be plugging the parameter - this is how you are going to manipulate your calculations.


            Once you have them setup with the +/- values, simply create a calculated field;


            Modified Value

            [original measure]+[Parameter]


            You could also modify your logic for weighted calculations etc...


            ([south measure] + [South Parameter] / [original measure]) + ([north measure] + [North Parameter] / [original measure])