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    Updating a Tableau Server Data Source Without Overwriting the Extract

    Eric Schranz

      Tableau Server 10.5

      Tableau Server REST API 2.8

      Tableau Desktop 10.5.8 (Mac)

      macOS High Sierra 10.13.6




      I've been playing around with the Tableau SDK and REST API to:

      • Edit database connections
      • Create empty extracts on an existing TDS file and package as a TDSX
        • There is too much data to bring locally from the database
      • Publish TDSX data source to Tableau Server
      • Run a full extract refresh programmatically (can take 2+ hours)
      • Schedule automated full daily refreshes (which can also take 2+ hours)
        • FYI: Incremental is not possible with our current data structure


      This whole process works fine when creating a new data source, for the initial refresh, and the subsequent automated refreshes. However, if any changes need to be made to the data source (add columns, change folder groupings, edit a calculation, etc), we have to re-publish the data source, losing any existing data with the extract that existed previously. This means more time to refresh the extract again.


      An ideal workflow would be:

      • Update the data source
      • Retain the extract that's already on Tableau Server
      • Refresh to a new extract with the updated data source while keeping the old extract available to use (no downtime)
      • Overwrite the old extract once the new refresh is complete


      Is it possible to update to an existing data source without replacing/overwriting the existing extract? Thanks!