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    Represent values as a picture.

    Cordell Erskine

      I have a project I am working on where I will create highlight maps to represent sentiment. The workbook attached is dirty, please ignore the unfinished product as it is unfinished. Essentially what I am doing is representing the sentiment of chunks of text from a book. I got the sentiment polarity using nltk vader sentiment intensity analyzer in python.

      https://www.nltk.org/api/nltk.sentiment.html#nltk.sentiment.vader.SentimentIntensityAnalyzer.polarity_scores. I represent the chunks of text in a compound sentiment score and I want to overlay the presence of a phrase in that book over the the sentiment score. The presence is labeled "1" and only at the records in the dataset where it is present in the book. I want to change that 1 into a picture. I know you can change marks to pictures but can you also do that for values?


      Feel free to make the value represented as any picture you want just for fun