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    Top N Parameter

    A Je

      Hello and good morning,


      I am attempting to create a top n parameter


      I want to know the top  agents with the most records for each of the 4 years in my viz.


      Every year can have different "top" individuals.


      The result of every formula I use shows the 5 people who have the most calls over the 4 years (aggregates all of the records for 4 years)  and then shows me their breakdown by the 4 years.  Every year in viz has the same agents b/c it is showing the agents based on the 4 year  aggregate total.


      I want a formula for a Top N parameter to show me the agents that had the most records in 2015 and then analyze all of the records in 16 and show those top agents in 16 (not caring about 2015 17, and 18 records),

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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi A Je,


          Add year into filter and select context.



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            Ritesh Bisht

            Hi A je,


            I have created couple of blogs to understand this


            This problem and solution is related to yours ---->Order of Operations



            Learn the sequence easy way ---->

            Mnemonic -Order of operations




            Please mark the relevant answers as CORRECT & HELPFUL so that it can help others as well

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              A Je

              Thank you for your assistance Sankar and I apologize for the late response (out of the country).


              I totally spaced on Order of Operations and the use of context filters (though I have used them several times before).


              One last question - Can I use a filter and select 2015 AND 2018 and see the agents  with most records in each of those years in the same view (those agents may not necessarily be the same).


              I am not asking to add 2015 and 2018 and show me the agents with the most records after the aggregation.


              Now that I have the context filter in place, I see certain agents when I select 2018; however, the 2018 agents change when I also select 2015 (the 5 agents in 2015 AND 2018 are now all the same).


              I am obviously forgetting s/thing or do not understand s/thing. 


              Any additional help you provide is appreciated.


              I will open another discussion/question if necessary.