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    X Axis Truncated Unexpectedly

    Tyler Burkett

      I am trying to create a view by customer that we are going to embed into various tools. I need to show actions over the last 30 days (with a relative date range toggle) for a given customer. When I do this, any customer that hasn't taken an action recently will not show the full date range (or no chart will be shown at all if they haven't taken an action in the last 30 days).


      I have created an example with dummy data below. I have attached the tableau workbook.


      Customer A is very active, so we can see data for all dates in the relative data range filter (last 30 days).


      Customer B on the other hand is spotty in terms of activity. And they haven't used the product since September 23rd. When we graph the 'last 30 days' of data for them (using a relative filter), it truncates the x axis to only show the min/max within the filter. As a result, we only see 8 days on the x-axis rather than 30. I need to be able to show the full range.



      The workbook is attached. We have tried using blending/level of detail without success to fix this. Additionally, we tried creating a 'date-spine' in sql so that we create a row in our data for each day/office. However, the data source size becomes unwieldy with that approach.


      Thanks in advance