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    Sets are causing charts on dashboard to dissapear




      I created a calculated field to split my data into 4 sections. However I only need 3 out of the 4 sections worth of data so I created a 'set' to only retain the data I need. However when I drag the set to my 'filters' after a while if I use the filter it will cause all charts/tables to disappear. Below is my calculated field:


      if [Recent Expired Date] <  now() then 'Expired'  

      ELSEIF  isnull([Recent Expired Date]) THEN "Current - Doesn't Expire"

      elseif datediff('month',NOW(),[Recent Expired Date])

      <= 6 then 'Expires within 6 months' else 'Active'



      The set I created only keeps data for:

      1. expires within 6 months

      2. Current - doesnt expire

      3. Active


      Any ideas as to why the set I created from the calculated field is causing graphs to disappear?