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    Wrong averages in diverging bar chart

    Eveline Vlassenroot

      Hi everyone,


      I have a question about my diverging bar chart.

      The averages that are being calculated are not correct.


      These are the averages in my diverging bar chart now (the numbers next to the circle, forgot to put them in the circle):

      The "Response" is the measure where the averages are based on.

      Screenshot (1).png


      And these are the correct averages (calculated by adding new columns in my excel sheet where the Likert Scale (Not agree --> Completely agree) is being transferred/'aliased' to numbers from 1 --> 7):

      Screenshot (2).png


      This transfer where for example Completely agree = 7 was also done in the measure "Response" but it seems that it did not work too well over there , regarding the wrong averages that appear.


      Anyone knows what the problem could be?


      Kind regards,