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    Divide Total of a Meaure by Number of Weeks selected from filter

    craig Webb


      Very new to tableau here so not sure how to title this question. I have a data base with sales, i have fiscal week as a filter so the user can select what ever fiscal week they would like to look at and see the sales. I would like this to be average weekly so if they select multiple sales, it would show average weekly. I cannot as far as i can see use a calculated field for average because, the data base is at store level, but each store belongs to a banner, a region, and then national. I want to show average weekly for each level and if i use a calculated field on this data structure it only provides average wkly sales by store if i try to do it at a national level



      Even if you don't follow what i am saying above, is there away to divide sales by the number of weeks that a used selects in the filter?


      Thanks in advance

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Craig -

          first welcome to TAbleau and the forum- we like to see the workbook see what is going on - if you post it with the book the answer can be more specific


          in general - if you want to calculate the average of sales over a number of weeks - you can use sum(sales)/countd([weeks])

          then you can look at different levels in a number of ways - the most straight forward is to create you viz at the level you want to see

          Lod's will allow you to create a different virtual level in your data - fixed will create permutations of the dimensions that precede the colon and then aggregate them by what follows - they are not aggregated in themselves so something like     sum({fixed [region],[store] ,[put in as many dimensions as you want]:sum(sales)})/countd(weeks)

          would get averages - since I don't have your book you may need to play with the the syntax




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            craig Webb

            Perfect thanks so much Jim. Sum sales/ countd (weeks) works great. So simple now that I see it.