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    Year over year graphs?

    Jeremy Bayless

      I've been looking this up for a couple hours now - and I realize that this is a commonly asked question and I don't really get why this is so difficult to do, but I've tried several different things and can't make it work.


      All I am wanting to do is have a line graph that shows, by month values for 2017 and values so far for 2018.


      My data is coming from an access database and I have it like this (all months for 2017 and 2018 - just am not listing them out fully here)


      And so on
      for every
      month, data



      What I want to happen is have the months going across the bottom of the Graph - January - December.  I then have the values going up the left side of the graph.  I then have two lines - one representing 2017 values per month and one representing 2018 values per month.


      In Tableau -> Month, Year, and Date fields are all Dimensions and the Value field is a measure.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and I'm pretty sure this will be asked, but no - I can not upload a copy of the Tableau workbook unfortunately.