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    Help with joining spatial data to another source

    Richard Branch



      I'm trying to create a population density map for Canada using Canada's "aggregate dissemination areas". I've downloaded from their website a MapInfo Digital Boundary File (2016 Census Boundary files) as well as an excel file that contains the same geocodes as well as the density data I need.


      I've managed to import the spatial file and the map shows up! YAY!


      I've added the excel data source, and try to join using the appropriate geofields in each file. However I get this: Tableau Data Engine Error: 49035: join expressions must have same data type


      From what I can tell from my rudimentary knowledge is that both fields are the same data type. I'm obviously missing something, but I can't seem to put my finger on it. Would greatly appreciate any help that can be offered.


      I have Tableau Desktop 10.2.15 (10200.18.0730.1551) 64-Bit