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    LOD - how do I show calculation breakdown for more than one dimension

    Claire Hartnell

      Am just learning LODs and while I think I have the general idea, I still can't figure out how to make them work if I have more than one dimension.  I have some data that shows survey scores for individual respondents.  I started off wanting to know % respondents achieving high / mid / low scores.  Got some help from forums and got my head around the calcs for this.  But now want to break that calculation down a further level and show % respondents achieving high / mid / low scores by [Tenure] or [Department].


      I have tried modifying the calculation to include [Department] as a field:


      {FIXED [Department] , [Respondent id]: If(avg([Assigns numbers to scores])< 2.5)

      Then "low score"

      elseif (avg([Assigns numbers to scores])>3.5)

      Then "high score"

      Else "middling score"



      But this just fixes it by overall Respondent id.


      I've tried taking out [Respondent id] but then it averages the overall Department score instead of telling me % Respondents in each Department.


      So this is my question - how do I get a view that lets me see the % respondents scoring high / middle / low by Department (or Tenure)


      And final part of the question - can I force Tableau to show zeroes?  So for every Department, I would like to see the table showing High Score, Middling Score, Low Score even where one or more boxes returns an answer of zero.