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    Plotting/ Creating a static line based on the Axis values

    siva Nageswara Rao

      HI Team,


      Lets assume  I have some months numbers 1 to 12 for year(All years need not be having 12 months few may have only 5 or 6 etc.).


      What I want is like I have to draw a target line based on month number. like if month = 1 then 10 and month =2 then 23 like month=12 then 69.

      But it should be static even if you choose a year which is not having 12 months then also the static line should be visible. basically it should not be dependent on any filters.


      I tried to get moth numbers on axis plot the target line but when I apply year filter the data getting filter and static line also filtering. which I don't want.


      I have fixed the month axis to 1 to 12. i there a way to make calculation based on axis line as i fixed axis static even though data filtered the axis remains same. like that I want my target line to be plotted.


      Thanks in advance.


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