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    Getting values(Even values are their in data source filter)

    rakesh jadhav

      Hi Team,

      Please find the attachment of .twbx file,I need to find April values “Percent Difference”,

      What I have done in Data source filter I have “Keep Only April , May , June”values,

      but in visualization I need to find April value also with “Percent Difference”.


      Accessories values for June =(new-old)/old = 11311-6986) / 6986 = -0.6190 == 61.9%                                  

                                            May=(new-old)/old :(8113- 6986)/8113=0.1389==13.9 %


                  Same I need to find for April also.

      Is any possible we can achieve this.

      For more reference refer sheet 2.



      Thanks Rakesh Jadhav