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    Using IF condition for date with aggregated function




      I am trying to find a way how I could show the value for certain date (week) only. The value itself is an aggregated function. But when I try to combine the IF function it gives me an error of "cannot mix aggregate and non aggregate".


      The function itself is:


      IF [date]<=[WeekSelect]

      and DATEDIFF('week',[date],[WeekSelect])<=1

      and DATEDIFF('week',[date],[WeekSelect])>0


      [AVG income user] END


      Where [WeekSelect] is a parameter

      and [AVG income user] = sum(income)/countd(user)


      Point is to see the calculation value for the selected week. Why I use the calculated field is the be able later to calculate the variance between two different date periods.

      Any help on how to find a solution for this is much appreciated.