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    Add a Custom % Column to a Table

    Manuel Munoz Jr



      I have a table that measures student grades as follows:


      The table adds the High, Medium and Low Scores and sums them in the Total Completed column. It ignores the Not Rated values. The Grand total does adds all of the values. The total % completed is then the Total Completed / into the Grand total.


      Can you please show me how to recreate this calculation in a Tableau table? I can only produce a table up to the Grand Total column. I do not know how to add the last two columns.


      Thank you so much!!!



      RegionHighModerateLowNot RatedGrand TotalTotal CompletedTotal % Completed
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          Are High, Moderate, Low columns measures? If yes you could just add them as


          Total Completed: SUM(High)+ SUM(Moderate)+ SUM(low)

          Total % Completed: Total Completed/Grand Total


          If they aren't individual columns but values of a dimension, then


          Total Completed: SUM(if [dimension]<>'Not Rated' or [dimension]<>'Grand Total' then [value] end)


          Total % Completed: Total Completed / SUM(if [dimension]='Grand Total' then [value] end)

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            meenu choudhary

            Hello Manuel,


            Assuming your data is in the same format that you have displayed, you can try below approach:


            1. Grand Total = [High]+[Low]+[Moderate]+[Not Rated]

            2. Total Completed  =  [High]+[Low]+[Moderate]

            3. Total % Completed  = [Total Completed ]/[Grand Total ]


            Right click on [Total % Completed]  -> Default Properties -> Number Format -> Percentage



            Arrange all the values as shown above in the image.