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    Tableau server offline activation

    Hemaraj Ashtankar

      Hi All,


      I have 2018.1 v of tableau server I am trying to offline activation

      I have go through these steps


      Step 1 - Generate an offline activation request file

      1. On the server computer, run the following command: tsm licenses get-offline-activation-file -k <product-key> -o <target-directory>                                         You can get  your product key from the Tableau Customer Portal. The target directory must already exist.
      2. Copy the offline activation file (offline.tlq) from the target directory to a computer that has internet access.


      but problem is I have 2018.1 version server and there is tsm command doesn't work

      I have try these


      tabadmin licenses get-offline-activation-file --license-key < product key > -o D:\Tableau Server\2018.1\bin\activatekey


      but showing error


      is anybody know how to generate .tlq file