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    Filter in (nested) LoD Expression

    Sebastian Schäfer

      I have a three dimensional data set indicating that an article was sold at a certain shop during a given time period:


      Data = (article, shop, period)


      Now I would like to know the number of articles sold in a particular period (e.g. year 2017) at more than 10 different shops.


      This SQL will yield the desired result:


      select count(*)
      from (
        count(distinct shop) as shop_count
      from Data
      where period = 2017
      group by article)
      where shop_count > 10;

      Now I tried to compose an LoD Expression in Tableau to get the same result, but I failed in combining the period filter with COUNTD()
      I also cannot use the filter bucket since I want to combine this measure with others spanning different periods.


      I attached a simple data set with the objective to retrieve the number of different articles sold in period 1 or 2 by at least 3 shops (which is true for article 1 & 2 => 2 in total).