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    Dynamic Attrition Rate - based on already determined excel forumla

    Mitchell Rodgers

      Hello Tableau Community -


      I am trying to create a dynamic calc for attrition. I inherited an older excel report that has the formula that I need (albeit not dynamic for excel really). I have spent a few days on this, and have been to no avail. In short, the Month-Year in the first Tableau column is the month in which employees completed training. The rows are the subsequent headcount at the end of each month. I am looking to create a calculated field based on this info and using the predetermined formula in excel. In short, it is taking the headcount difference from vintage month 1, from the headcount in the max month where headcount is not null.


      Then dividing that by count of months where headcount is not null*12 - divided by the average. It seems very simple to me, but I am still struggling to get all of the moving parts talking to each other. I appreciate any direction someone can provide. Cheers!