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    display data by 5 minutes interval

    Aqib Rasheed



      I am displaying live data on a dashboard and data is generating on every minute which I have displayed (Picture1), All I want to achieve that data show on 5 minutes interval which aggregates sum of count of last 5 minutes. As below representation is not very clear. Thanks



      sample records:

      Start_date     count

      9/10/2018 11:20:00AM     1

      9/10/2018 11:21:00AM     1

      9/10/2018 11:21:00AM     1

      9/10/2018 11:23:00AM     1

      9/10/2018 11:24:00AM     1

      9/10/2018 11:25:00AM     1.

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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning

          I don't have a data set that simulates what you want (that is one of the reasons we like to see your twbx workbook with the data) so I can only provide a conceptual solution

          there is a function modulo that would be helpful  the form is   [expression] % integer value    and it returns the "remainder" of the division of the expression by the value


          In your case if you take you time measure (as the expression) and 5 as the integer value - modulo will return a 0 at 5 minute intervals


          then you could use a conditional like  if   [remainder] =0 then window_sum(sum(your measure),-4,0)  end   - since I can't check this you will probably need to play with the syntax



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            Aqib Rasheed

            Hi jim,


            Thanks for your response. Due to company policy I cannot share the original sheet here however for your convenience I have extract the data and design a sample sheet. Screenshot pasted earlier is the representation of live data from oracle database. hope this will help you to understand the scenario. 

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              Jim Dehner

              sorry don't know what an rar file is and it will not open


              what happened when you tried the solution I sent you the other day?