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    Not able to publish data source DB2 from Tableau Desktop 2018.2 to Tableau Server version 10.3

    Piyush Gaur

      Hi All,


      I need to publish my workbook along with either an extract or data source which is DB2, created on tableau Desktop version 2018.2 which is in .hyper format to tableau server version 10.3.


      Scenarios (1):


      Can’t publish with an extract as .hyper can’t be downgraded to .tde (Option of publishing along with an Extract is out…is it so ??)




      Scenarios (2):


      I am able to publish while using a live connection instead of an extract but as workbook alone won’t work I have to publish data source also.


      Now while I am publishing the data source, I am getting below error:



      How can I do this ?
      Is downgrading of data source possible ?

      Or do I need to downgrade my Tableau Desktop version, is it possible ?


      Please help. Thanks in advance.