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    Weighted Average of a Percentile Calculation

    D Chen

      Hi there,


      Is it possible to create a weighted average calculation of a percentile rank calc?


      In the attached workbook, I have calculated a percentile rank of Valued Actions for each product type and would like to use that calculation as a "score", and calculate a "total score" for the client by weighting it by the associated revenue.

      In the example attached, the total score should be 0.049% for client BBB


      Would appreciate it anyone could help - not sure if its possible to perform other calcuations on top of a percentile rank function?


      Thanks -

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          Matt Lutton

          Are you positive about the .49% you expected?  Take a look at the attached 2018.2 TWBX -- you can move your Rank_Percentile() Table Calculation to your data pane by dragging the Table Calc to the "Measures" area.


          This will give you a new field named "Calculation 1" which you can edit, rename, and then use inside of a WINDOW_AVG table calculation.  The difficult part is making sure the calculation has the correct scope -- I believe the attached .79 for BBB is correct, but let me know what you think.

          Avg of Percentile Rank.png


          I hope this helps!