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    Possible to have the view of Relative Date (as for filters) for a parameter or use filter value in calculation?

    Rebecca Oskarsson


      I am putting together a report of availability trends for certain services. The availability depends on downtime for a service and is displayed as availability per month.

      The problem is that downtime can occur during the turn of one or multiple months. E.g. The service goes down at 10 pm on the 31st of October and stays down until 2 am on the 1st of November. Then the downtime of the service should be presented as lasting for 2 hours in October and 2 hours in November in the report. For now, in a dashboard, the user can choose to filter the report on "Downtime start" which means all 4 hours of downtime is reported into the downtime of October, which isn't accurate.


      The user wants to have the view of filtering as the Relative Date Filter offer (see picture):filter.png


      I have a solution by using parameters for filter start and filter end dates, but then I lose the UI that the Relative Date Filter have. Is there any way of having the view and format of above for parameters in a dashboard?


      If not, is there any way of fetching the date range that the Relative Date Filter generates to be used in Measures Calculations? (2018-08-01 and 2018-10-31 in the picture above)


      Thank you!


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