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    Display Percentile Rank of Current View

    Jason Kim



      This seems like a really simple thing, but after a lot of searching and fiddling around with table calculations I haven't been able to find a solution.


      I have a simple table with 3 columns:


      - Names of the Washington Post's writers (Authors field, Filtered by Publisher)

      - Average Number of Articles Written per Month (from a calculated field)

      - Percentile Rank of Avg Number of Articles written per month (from a table calculation).


      The percentiles populate the table, but based on what I see, I think it is taking the rank percentile of each author from the Washington Post, then assigning the ranked percentile based on the overall dataset. I think this because the lowest percentile rank is 0.64... so I assume the lowest ranked Washington Post author is in the 64 percentile of all journalists in my dataset.




      What I want is the percentile rank for each Washington Post author within the same newspaper - not compared to all others. This way, I can tell how each journalist ranks in relation to each other in the same publication (ie. who at the WaPo particular prolific vs. those are are lagging behind)


      I've attached the workbook file below. Thanks for any help or hints!

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          Matt Lutton

          Do you have the Newspaper as a Dimension in the view?  (Sorry haven't opened the TWBX)


          You'll need it to be able to make those kinds of comparisons, and the screenshot looks like it may not have the newspaper type in the viz.  Add it to Rows before or after the author, and you'll be able to use a Table Calc to get what you're after.


          I hope this helps but let me know if not!