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    Generate thumbnails as User - Row level Security

    sulai man

      Hi Friends,


      I am facing an issue with Tableau Dashboard Publishing. Need you help and advice to achieve the Solution.


      I have Joined Fact Table with Security Table to Achieve Row level Security(i used USERNAME Keyword in Tableau Worksheets as Filter to show the users their data implementing Row level Security. When i try to Publish the Dashboard "Generate thumbnails as User", The window is asking me to enter specific Username before i publish the Dashboard. I want the Published Dashboard to be viewed by everyone and not for any Specific User. The Dashboard will be Shared across different users and based on the privileges and access, their data will be showed in the dashboard.


      Please let me know how to Publish without the Option "Generate thumbnails as User". Request you kind help and advice for achieving the desired results. Please let me know if you need any information.