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    Tableau Server and Initial SQL (Amazon Redshift)

    David Lewis

      I'm wondering how I can run initial SQL when connecting to Amazon Redshift within Tableau Server. I'm familiar with setting up Initial SQL statements on my Redshift connection when connecting from Tableau Desktop, but I'm looking to do similar on Tableau Server. I just haven't found anything that seems to address this use case.


      I did find this article which describes what I'm trying to do, but the article is labeled as applying only to Tableau Desktop and not Tableau Server.


      Specifically, I'd like to...

      1. Create a Data Source on Tableau Server that connects to Amazon Redshift
      2. Define some initial SQL to run when refreshing that Data Source
      3. Cache the data on Tableau Server (Live connections to Redshift aren't as "snappy" as I'd like)
      4. Set up a schedule to refresh the cached data from Tableau (preferably an incremental refresh based off of a column in Redshift)


      One thing to note is that this is a single table in Redshift.


      Any help/guidance on meeting these four goals would be super helpful for me, thanks!