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    Including all the filter results in the report

    Dan Gordon

      Hello all,

      I'm stumped.  I have a workbook that compares Premium Pay Codes by Pay Period Number year-over-year (YOY).  The user can select which fiscal years to include in the report as well as what Pay Period Numbers (PP1, PP2, etc).  The aggregation is done at the Fiscal year level.  The workbook is working like a charm and has been published to Tableau Server.  One of the user would like to filter the report and then distribute as a PDF or Image to Non-Tableau users.  However, when the PDF is created, the filter settings do not display in the PDF so it is unclear what Pay Periods are included/being compared YOY.


      Here is an example of what I am trying to accomplish:


      Fiscal Year:  FY2018 and FY2019 selected

      PP Numbers:  PP1, PP2, PP3, PP4, PP5


      Somehow, I would like to put in the header (or anywhere on the printable body of the report) what fiscal years and what pay periods are being compared.  I tried putting the fields in the tooltip and then adding to Header.  This works for the Fiscal year (only two years selected so displays "FY 2018 & FY 2019".  However, whenever more then 3 items are selected in the PP Number filter, the resulting header description comes out as "PP01, PP02, PP03 and two more".   This will not work.  I tried using Min/Max formulas, window min/window max, but nothing works.


      I can not include the workbook here as there is PHI and confidential data, but any assistance/ideas would be greatly appreciated!




      Dan Gordon

      Frederick Memorial Hospital

      Frederick MD